Addressing Barrier Repair for Patients with
Atopic Dermatitis and Other Types of Dermatoses

Epiceram® is indicated to treat dry skin conditions and manage and relieve the burning and itching associated with various types of dermatoses, including atopic dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis, and radiation dermatitis

Ref. Epiceram® [package insert]. Scottsdale, AZ
Primus Pharmaceuticals Inc; 2018.
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EpiCeram® is a Prescription-Only Controlled-Release Moisturizing Skin-Barrier Emulsion that Offers Non-Steroidal Therapy for Patients with Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis

EpiCeram helps skin barrier repair healing through a unique formulation. EpiCeram contains the skin’s natural level of essential lipids: ceramide, cholesterol, and free fatty acids, which are reduced in patients with eczema and atopic dermatitis (AD). EpiCeram is steroid-free, fragrance-free, noncomedogenic, paraben-free, and propylene glycol-free.

Available in a 90g tube and 225g airless pump

Ref. Epiceram® [package insert]. Scottsdale, AZ
Primus Pharmaceuticals Inc; 2018.

How EpiCeram Works:
The Skin's Natural Barrier

The outermost layer of the skin is called the stratum corneum, which is made up of cells called corneocytes. The purpose of this important layer is to protect the skin from bacteria or allergens as well as to help the skin retain water and other important substances necessary for skin protection. The corneocytes are embedded and supported by a lipid-rich matrix to help keep the normal function of this important skin barrier. The skin barrier can be visualized as corneocytes representing the “bricks of a wall”, and the rich lipid matrix the “mortar”. When this system breaks down, many skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis can present themselves. EpiCeram forms a tri-lipid layer on the top of skin, allowing for more moisturization and facilitating an optimum environment for skin barrier repair.

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Instructions for Using EpiCeram

Apply in a thin layer to the affected skin areas 2 times per day (or as needed) and massage gently into the skin. If the skin is broken, cover EpiCeram Controlled Release Skin Barrier Emulsion with a dressing of choice.

Activating the 225g Airless Pump

To activate the 225g airless pump,
press the pump head up to 20 times.

Ref. Epiceram® [package insert]. Scottsdale, AZ
Primus Pharmaceuticals Inc; 2018.

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